RFS activities

  • First complete “English Version” School in Old Dhaka.
  • Play Group to Class-8
  • ……….Think of English Version

           Think of Rainforest School……….

  • Our mission: – Within next 7 years we want to be and Insha’Allah we will be among the best schools in the entire Dhaka City.
  • Parents rush to distant quality schools and spending valuable time, energy and money is over.
  • English conversation in the classroom is a must. Teachers are not only compelled to talk in English with the students but also among the teachers as well. In between 2-3 years students will be fluent in English.
  • Al- Qur’anic Classes by Islamic Analysts:     

Our Arabic subject classes are being taken by the class teachers. Al- Qur’anic classes are being taken by the Islamic analysts [by Mufti( Islamic law analyst) or Mufassir  ( interpreter of Al- Quran) ],  and Quari. In our Al-Qur’anic classes, we try the students to understand the basic issues required to be a true Muslim and overall a ‘True Human Being’.


  • Islamic questions/ answering session for the guardians – by Mufti.


  • Islamic board- Al Quranic verses, Hadith, masnun duas and practicing Islamic values.

Islamic  Analysts:

1.  Mufti MD. Minhazuddin - Khatib and Imam [ Chawk Bazar Shahi Mosque.]

  1. Ansarul Haque Imran  . Khatib – Kabiraj Jame Mosque, Hossainy Dalan, Dhaka.

3. Mufti, Qari Rahmatullah – Chawk Bazar Shahi Mosque.


  • Smartness class: Rainforest School has introduced an unconventional daily class named “Smartness Class”. In this class we usually try to boost up students’ confidence level. In this smartness class students usually are having:
  1. Debates ( simple real life issues)
  2. English fluency building techniques ( let them talk among themselves/group conversation –conversations)
  3. Story telling
  4. Drama playing ( Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aladdin and so many)
  5. Cultural programs
  6. Apps gaming competition
  7. Origami (paper folding art), paper cutting and decorations.

 All the acts are being played in English.


  • Our teaching system has become totally creative and conceptual based (non memorizing teaching method),the whole book is syllabus. Questions can be asked from anywhere within the book or from outside it.


  • Teachers’ Training         

The Teaching panel we are trying to establish for the year 2018, Insha’Allah will be one of the best teaching panels in the entire Dhaka City.  

Trainers from renowned institutions schools like Mastermind, South Breeze, Sunnydale and so on come here to train our teachers.

Our experienced, qualified teachers have been going through number of training sessions like : debates, grammar tests, reading and punctuation tests, smartness, pronunciation test, liveliness,use of technology ( example : computers).


  • Beautification: Tree plantation program- Around 600 flower plants for the beautification of area + maintenance [social responsibility].
  • Beautifully decorated classrooms.
  • Timing- We maintain time not even by minute, but by second- we really have value for time.
  • Out knowledge: Sports, Presidents, Countries, Continents, politics, galaxy, day- night issue, world map, globe, current affairs, earth quake practice- preparing for the future excellence.
  • We send via Email - daily class notes, lesson plans, notices, and Islamic lessons.
  • Unseen questions: Creative and unseen questions- prepared and checked by other than the class teacher.
  • Even Nursery students can do English Dictation.
  • Different Events- Fruit Festival (varities of fruit were there in the last year for the students and guardians), Pohela Boishakh, science fair, Drawing competition.
  • Regular Medical and Dental checkup for the students and guardians.
  • We have our own Software (our every work is controlled by our own software).
  • We are targeting to declare our campus a “Digital Campus” by the year 2018.
  • We have an own campus and a reserved campus (own).We have a plan to shift to a larger campus after that.
  • Discipline is a must at RFS and we never compromise with any undisciplined act.
  • Security is maintained by 100%.
  • Regular Parents meeting with due importance.
  • Special session for below average students: Individual problem identification and solving (Nourishment Class) - by the class teacher and if required, by specialists.
  • Technology: We have Computers at every class. A.C. class rooms, Wi-Fi campus, Digital magnetic ID card, C.C.Camera, Own Software for the entire system.
  • Number of renowned organizations have offered great “concessions”(discounts) for the “Rainforest Family”(students+ family+ teachers+ office staff).
  • Adequate play ground for the children.
  • Weekly performance appraisal with gift.
  • Surprise class tests (C.T).
  • Practicing of good manners everyday.
  • Highly compiled curriculum
  • No outside coaching required.
  • At our own campus: one five storied, another four storied (reserved).
  • Thursday after class 1 hour session for students having problems (nourishment classes for weak students).
  • Fun classes with Tiffin break, games, Disney cartoons, math and alphabet games.
  • Group creation + debate + creative ideas + prize.

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